What to wear | Girls Spring fashion-2: Dungarees

Hey girls,

I’m totally in love with the weather these days. Spring is totally killing it with the pleasant weather, blooming flowers and gentle breeze. It’s neither hot, nor cold (at least, here in Chandigarh)  and I so wish this season would last forever. I have already put aside all my winter clothes like sweaters, coats etc. With the change in season, bringing about a transition in our closets is certainly work. It took me 2 whole hours over the weekend to put aside all the winter clothing and replace them with my spring /summer stuff and, pheww!! that was some work! However, in the meanwhile I realised that there are a few pieces of clothing that always occupy a place in my closet and one of those are overalls or dungarees, whatever you may call them. Dungarees are a one piece garment that came into vogue in the 90s and once again gained popularity in 2015 – 2016. I have a couple of pairs of denim overalls  which I can wear in any season, paired with suitable clothing.
How to wear dungarees
Girls’ summer outfit ideas-Denim overalls
In today’s post, I’ll be giving you an idea as to how you can wear this classic piece of clothing during spring /summer. So, this is how to wear denim overalls. You can put them on over any cool t-shirt. I prefer going for a white or black one because they go really well with the blue shade of denim overalls.Add some accessories to your outfit such as a trendy black choker with golden hardware and a cute crossbody bag As for the footwear, you can wear a pair of sneakers to get the cool and casual look.Yeah! you are ready to rock the overalls.