Casual stripes

It’s spring!! Our favourite season of the year, both in terms of weather as well as fashion, it brings along. Another reason just why we need to look our best in this season is the various fests & celebrations going on here & there.
When it comes to wearing patterns, stripes are our personal favourite. Stripes give you a boost of confidence and a clean and crisp look for your simple yet elegant self.
Research suggests that people who prefer horizontal stripes tend to believe in themselves.Besides, horizontal stripes have long been known for their slimming effect, and that’s something you can certainly feel good about!

Today,the amiable sunshine and the cool spring breeze left us feeling nautical. Thus we created two model outfits for all you girls and boys out there…
Casual stripes
The first outfit that we have curated is for girls. Surely, most of the girls own a striped top/shirt/sweater. Just follow our suggestion on how to style that very top and you can steal the spotlight. Pair your top with a classic pair of ripped jeans, preferably in some light shade of blue. Slip into your comfortable sports shoes or sneakers, accessorize with a red shoulder bag, a pair of black studs(personal favourites,btw), don’t forget your watch and you’re done!
Stripes in spring
Specially curated for boys who love black(like me), this casual spring outfit comprises of a red & white round neck striped tee & a rest all-black ensemble. Style it with black denims,ports shoes (because comfort comes first), a cool pair of shades & watch….and you are ready to capture the attention of all girls! So effortless, isn’t it?

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